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Complete Solution Makers

From tip to toe we will provide you with everything under one roof. From purchasing / leasing of property, to making designs which suit you, and then executing it to perfection ,and decorating it to give you a complete package of services under our agency, which makes your life very simple as you get all your answers to all your problems from our agency. Here with our wide network, we help you find the best deal in properties with most competitive rates, then with our expert team of designers, and contractors we help you till the very last brick incorporating each and every detail in cost effective manner.

Turnkey Projects

We at M.Y. Designers will give you complete solutions to all your needs, from designing spaces to to making designs into reality. We do this by providing you with complete solutions in design , by giving you all possible design and space solutions on paper, so that there is design realization and space management on paper first to avoid misunderstandings. After you are fully satisfied with the design on paper, we give you give you a team of expert contractors which carry out each and every detail to its last detail, we also help you get the best of material at the best rates, which will complete your design. Lastly we can also help you to procure white goods, and upholstery and artifacts which suit your design. In short we help you get all solutions , so that your dream home becomes a reality , in an organized systematic and an economic manner.


Design Solutions

As a team of experienced designers, we take in projects on design basis, in which we provide you with all design solutions such as detail plan, elevations, sections and a complete 3D view so that you can understand your design. We ensure that the design is tailor made according your requirement and which suits your budget. Here we give you complete sets of detailed drawings so that it could be understood by your contractor easily, here we would also make visits and give explanations to your contractor if the site demands.

Architectural Services

With land prices reaching sky high we at M.Y. Designers, assure you that the maximum benefits are achieved from land, so that you could get the full worth of your money. Here we give you space planning which helps you in proper planning of each and every space. The elevations are crafted with perfection giving your space a perfect perspective.
We not only concentrate on spaces and elevations but ensure that the services also blend with the design very well.Here we give a perfect finish to your building by giving it a perfect surrounding so that your space on the whole looks perfect.

Green Design

We provide designs and solutions which are Eco friendly, we make the design in such a way that it has a natures part in it, the kind of materials the kind of finishes,  the kind of placements,  all aim towards saving mother Nature as well as they keep in mind all your requirements and full fill them to its optimum.

Land Developers

One of the best investments today is land investment. At M.Y. Designers we  help you find a suitable land which will ensure you healthy returns. After sourcing out the land we help you develop it through our design and space management skills. This ensures increase in land value to give you better returns. In short, we ensure you healthy returns on your investments in a quick and safe manner.

Vastu & Fengshui

With positive and negative energy always surrounding us, we help you attract positive energy so that you could flourish in whatever you are doing, through our expert consultants we assure you that positive energy will be in abundance around you.


Restoration works

Architectural conservation describes the process through which the material, historical, and design integrity of humanity’s built heritage are prolonged through carefully planned interventions. The individual engaged in this pursuit is known as an architectural conservator-restorer. Decisions of when and how to engage in an intervention are critical to the ultimate conservation-restoration of cultural heritage. Ultimately, the decision is value based: a combination of artistic, contextual, and informational values is normally considered. In some cases, a decision to not intervene may be the most appropriate choice.
We at my designers have developed ourselves in restoring Islamic Designs in various Monuments and masjids.
We have thru the scholars of Dawat have trained ourselves in understanding the Islamic design and restoring it different ways.
One of our first Major Project was when we did Radut Tahera .
Here we were made as a link between the client and the contractors, we had to transform the Islamic design into architectural drawings and see to it that it is made as per the client’s requirements.
After which we did several masjids in which we transformed the Islamic design with the permission of the clients to fit in and to enhance the interiors of the masjid .
At present we have many such prestigious projects which we are working on.

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